Our Divisions

  • Trade Consulting

    Trade from one company to another — from one country to another — is exploding…
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  • Trade Missions

    Exposing you to markets around the world, so that you can trade with…
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  • Industrial Products

    Eco-friendly, cost-effective, premium products for industrial & private application
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  • Commodities

    Product transactions and trading strategies involving the physical commodity or cash…
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  • Precious Metals & Precious Gems

    Connecting buyers and sellers of superior-value metals and gems, facilitating communication in…
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  • Transportation

    Vehicles for security, fire & medical emergency, industrial, and corporate applications
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  • Security & Investigations

    Uncovering the truth for our clients with the latest technology and investigative methods
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  • BeGlobal Translations

    Translations of technical and industry-specific terminologies
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