Industrial Products

MIC Industrial Products

Eco-friendly, cost-effective, premium products for industrial & private application:

Fire Suppressants, Organic Biostimulants, Odor Neutralizers & Cleansers, Insulating Paints

 COLD FIRE – Fire Suppressant

Extremely effective fire suppressant made from plant-derived ingredients
  • Cost-effective, concentrated
  • Capable of rapidly extinguishing fires: Class A (combustibles), B (volatile liquids), D (burning metals, including magnesium) & K (kitchen)
  • Safe, non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • US-made, certified
  • Diluted with water and applied at low concentrations using standard fire-fighting equipment
  • Ideal for civilian, industrial and military fire-fighting applications


Performance – Application
  • Superior to water alone
  • Superior to AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) and dry chemical agents
  • Multi-function: fire suppressant & cooling agent & heat barrier spray
  • Does not require specialized training or special safety precautions
  • Multi-use: spray cans, pump sprays, fire extinguishers, foam tanks, compressed air foam system (CAFS) systems & water canisters
  • Suited for enclosed loop systems and building sprinkler systems


Fast – Economical
  • Less expensive than using water alone or AFFF foams
  • Reduces fire damage and water-related damage
  • Does not require costly hazardous waste disposal
  • Unlimited shelf life when kept in sealed container or tank

 FAST-2-GROW – Organic Biostimulant

Proven plant-growth enhancer producing larger, healthier crop yields

Highly economical
Concentrated liquid biostimulant
S. made, certified organic
Reduces the need for costly fertilizer and other crop amendments
Produced through a proprietary, high-temperature fermentation process

Crop Quality – Yield

Significantly reduces fertilizer requirements (30% or more—substantial cost savings)
Speeds growth and fruiting
Increases resistance to drought, disease and the effects of frost damage
Boosts resistance to insects and other pests
Reduces watering requirements
Notably improves the size, flavor, quality, shelf life, and nutritional value of many fruit and vegetable crops, including forage grasses

Crops – Partial List

Technical & Stock Feeding Crops
Grain & Oil-Producing Crops
Leafy Greens & Herbs
Fruits & Berries
Ornamental Plants & Houseplants


Further information forthcoming